Q. How do I become a member? 
A. Go to the Sign Up page.  There is no fee or minimums to maintain your membership.

Q. How will my package get to me?
A. All packages must originate in USA and delivered to our Air Hub or to your personal address.  Once it arrives, it will be placed on our air hub which leaves LAX daily.  When the cargo is in Thailand, it will be delivered directly to your door.  Normally your package should arrive within 3-8 business days(excluding holidays and weekends).

Q. What is Shopper Service?
A.  If you shop most USA website, they will not ship outside of the USA.  With our shopping service, you will be able to shop at any US sites allowing you to shop for the best deal.  The best of all, you will be able to take advantage of our low International shipping rates.  When you are filling in the shipping instructions from the website you wish to purchase your items from, use your personal shipping assigned to you when you become a member.  Not a member yet, click here to Sign Up.

Q. What is the largest package that I can send?
A. You can send packages weighting up to 5 Tons

Q. What does the shipping price include?
A. Price includes transportation cost from our Air Hub in USA to your address in Thailand.  This does not include Custom Registration(if first time) and any duty or VAT.

Q. Is Custom clearence my responsibility?
A. Yes. Anything that has to to do with the Thai Custom is the reponsibility of the receiver.  You can process your package yourself through the Thai  custom, but not recommended.  It is usually more cost effective to use an authroized shipper.  If you do not have a shipper, please contact us for a list of shippers.

Q. How do I modify my package registration?
A. Click here to view our online instructions.